Digital access to select Peregrinus yearbooks

1965 Peregrinus yearbook

1965 Peregrinus yearbook

The Tarlton Law Library is pleased to announce the first installment of digital access to the University of Texas Law School Peregrinus yearbooks. Chosen to coincide with this year’s reunion classes, the Peregrinus volumes from 1960 through 1965, 1970, and 1975 are currently available with plans to digitize additional volumes in the near future. The Peregrinus began publication in 1949 and was published annually, with the exception of 1973 and 1974, until 2004.

We hope you enjoy perusing the Peregrinus. Please note that Chrome, Firefox, and Safari provide optimal in-browser viewing of this collection.

Physical copies of all volumes may be found in the Special Collections department of the Tarlton Law Library or in the Library stacks at KF 292 T4514 A44.

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New title at Tarlton about confessions

Susan Easton. Silence and Confessions: The Suspect as the Source of Evidence. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.

From the publisher’s website:

Silence and Confessions examines the treatment of suspects in interrogation and explores issues surrounding the right to silence and confession evidence. Employing a socio-legal approach, it draws from empirical research in the social sciences including social psychology to understand the challenges in obtaining reliable evidence and maintaining the integrity of the interrogation process.

Providing insights into the process of interrogation and the experiences of the suspect during interview, this book highlights the dangers facing vulnerable suspects and the problems of identifying and preventing false confessions. It approaches the topic of the right to silence broadly and includes in-depth discussion of the problems with confession evidence.

Easton’s examination of the relationship between the state and the suspect, the equality of arms principle and the problem of reconciling competing interests and principles in the criminal justice process will be essential reading for scholars in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Law, particularly those interested in the relationship between law and society.

For more new titles at Tarlton, browse the latest arrivals.

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Fall 2015 Legal Research Course Offerings

Thinking ahead for the fall? Three different legal research courses will be offered this fall semester:

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Tarlton Law Library 2015 Student Survey

It’s time again for Tarlton Law Library’s annual student survey.  Your feedback is important to us!  Students filling out the survey can enter to to win a $25 gift card to the University Co-op. The survey opens online today (3/23) and closes at the end of the day on Friday, April 4. Thanks for your help!

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Kick off March Madness with some books about college basketball recruiting

March Madness is back in full swing next week. But before you start doing your research and filling out your bracket, come check out some hidden gems in our collection about college basketball recruiting. Read more ›

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New Foyer Exhibit — Legal Imprints of the Republic of Texas


Detail, Map of Texas from The History of Texas, 1836

Tarlton Law Library is fortunate to own an extensive collection of legal materials from the era of the Republic of Texas. From session laws to historical compilations and narratives, the collection is wide ranging, and with the addition of historical maps included in the works, colorful.

The current exhibit on the second floor showcases a selection of the rare legal imprints the library holds in its Rare Books Collection  from this period.

Online Exhibit: Legal Imprints of the Republic of Texas

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