Fisher v. University of Texas Research Guide

Supreme CourtThe library recently added a new research guide on the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case Fisher v. University of Texas to its Research Guides page. This research guide is designed to provide background information about the case, court documents, and recent commentary. We will continue to update it as the case develops. Oral arguments are set for Wednesday, October 10th.

The petitioner in the case, Abigail Fisher, a white student, is challenging the university’s consideration of race in the undergraduate admissions process. UT has both a top ten percent rule that guarantees admission to all Texas high school graduates who finish in the top ten percent of their class and also a separate consideration of race in its admission decisions for those who do not fall within the top ten percent of their class. Abigail Fisher is challenging this second consideration as a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. UT has countered that this consideration falls within the parameters that the Court set out in Grutter – its most recent affirmative action case.

Who will win? How will this affect UT admissions going forward? Will Justice Thomas break his nearly six year silence? Tune in on October 10th – but first be sure to check our research guide!

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