New Research Guide at Tarlton on German Law

For today’s globalized practice of law Tarlton Law Library has built and maintains significant collections of foreign and international law. 

Foreign law refers to the national law of other countries, and international law means either public international law (the law governing relations among the countries of the world) or the law of private international transactions (such as the international sale of goods or international licensing, etc.).  Much of the foreign and international law collections will be found on the 3rd floor of the Law Library, but to make full use of the collection it is necessary to use TALLONS, the Law Library’s online catalog.

In addition to hardcopy resources, the Law Library makes available a range of online resources.  To ease access to our foreign and international collections the Law Library has prepared a number of research guides.  The most recent is our guide called Research on German Law in Tarlton Law Library.  The guide covers introductory resources, the German constitution, legislation, and case law.  It points out resources in English where these exist.  In addition to guides to foreign law, there are guides on various aspects of international law.  These include the guide to Treaty Research and the guide to Human Rights Protection.

A full list of our guides to foreign and international legal research is on the Tarlton Law Library website.  For additional assistance please see Jonathan Pratter, the Foreign and International Law Librarian. You can find him in his office at JON  3.213 or by email at

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