Books for All Seasons: 1L Orientation Book Discussions

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As part of this fall’s orientation for new students, UT Law professors have chosen some thought-provoking books for 1Ls. Sessions to discuss them will take place Tuesday, August 27, at noon over lunch.

Are you excited to get to know your professors and learn what piques their interest? There is something to read that will suit everyone’s taste, from fiction (Jeremy Blachman’s Anonymous Lawyer) to nonfiction (Mark Mazzetti’s The Way of the Knife), from short stories (Asimov’s I, Robot) to full-length works (Gilbert King’s Devil in the Grove), from classics (Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice) to hot off the presses (Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In).

To help you decide what you might like to read, Tarlton has assembled this list of professors’ selections. The list provides brief publisher descriptions of the books and identifies who chose them and where to can find them. All of these titles are available from UT Austin, whether in print at Tarlton or another UT library or online as an ebook, or from the Austin Public Library.

If you have any questions about finding a copy or are interested in finding out more about the readings, feel free to ask us.

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