Graduate Student Oath

I [NAME] have entered the serious pursuit of new knowledge as a member of the community of graduate students in the College of Pharmacy at The University of Texas at Austin.

I declare the following:

Pride: I solemnly declare my pride in belonging to the international community of research scholars.

Integrity: I promise never to allow financial gain, competitiveness, or ambition to cloud my judgment in the conduct of ethical research and scholarship.

Pursuit: I will pursue knowledge and create knowledge for the greater good, but never to the detriment of colleagues, supervisors, research subjects, or the international community of scholars of which I am now a member.

Safety: I will protect the safety of myself, my fellow workers and colleagues, investigational subjects, and patient information by learning proper methods for maintaining confidentiality and safely using laboratory equipment, instruments, chemicals, and other materials involved in my research.

By pronouncing this Graduate Student Oath, I affirm my commitment to professional conduct and to abide by the principles of ethical conduct and research policies as set out by The University of Texas.


(Adapted July 12, 2008 from an oath published [Science, June 20, 2008, p. 1587] by Davis et al., University of Toronto Institute of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine and School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto.)