Poster Production Services

The College of Pharmacy’s Learning Resource Center assists with poster and other presentation services.

We offer consulting services to faculty, staff and students who are preparing posters, or publications.

Poster printing services are limited to the College of Pharmacy for professional or business use only.  This includes professional conferences, College events, student organizations, etc.

If you have used our online poster submission before, go straight to the:

Poster Printing – Order Form.

You must be on the UT campus or connected to the UT VPN service to use the order system.

If this is your first time or you are having problems using the form continue reading below

Size and cost:

The LRC plotter prints on rolls of paper that are up to 44” wide.  Please ensure that one of your posters dimensions is 44” or less.

Cost is calculated by the amount of paper that comes off the roll in feet. Posters are oriented when printing to minimize the number of feet.

The printing charge is $15 per foot.  All printing charges require a UT account number for payment.

A poster that is 44” x 24” will cost $30 (2 feet at $15/ft)
This poster is printed using 2 feet of the 44” paper roll.

A poster that is 48” x 24” will cost $60 (4 feet at $15/ft)
This poster is printed using 4 feet of a 36” paper roll

The IDL can also mount your poster to foam board for an additional $10 fee. Maximum foam board size is 24″ x 36″.

Preparing your poster files:

Users can create their poster file in whatever program they feel comfortable (PowerPoint, Illustrator or Word, etc), and submit it directly if the poster is ready for printing.

Content for posters can also be submitted for assistance with poster layout and design.  We can either design the content arrangement for you, or mimic a layout you provide at no charge. (We have plenty of samples you can look at too!)

If you are preparing the poster with a group of people, or if your supervisor will be included as an author, you will need to have them review and approve the content before you submit it to us.

Poster design requirements:

  • The preferred branding for posters is the College of Pharmacy brand (the Longhorn logo, UT seal, and UT System seal are prohibited)
  • Files must have a white background color to avoid using a large amount of ink.

Submitting your poster or content:

Print-ready poster files must be submitted a minimum of 3 business days before you need the poster.  Any exceptions must be requested for approval by emailing the LRC.

Submit your poster order and upload your files using the Poster Printing – Order Form.  Log in with your UT EID and password. You must be on campus or connect to the UT Virtual Private Network (VPN) to use the order form.  For more instructions or more information visit the ITS VPN help page.

Additional questions?

Please contact Samantha Brenner at