Asian Pharmacy Students Association


Service. Leadership. Diversity.
The Asian Pharmacy Students’ Association (APSA) at UT’s College of Pharmacy is an organization that provides students with a well-rounded cultural awareness of integrative medicine and the vital role of pharmacists in the community. As a member of APSA, students, as future pharmacists, will engage in high level interactions with the community in events such as the annual Vietnamese Health Fair, Project Collaboration at UT with other pharmacy organizations, Explore UT, and various Pharmacy Month activities that promote the public’s awareness of how integral pharmacy is in the healthcare field. Students will be able to establish confidence in talking to patients about their blood glucose or cholesterol readings, be able to explain what a Body Mass Index means, and many more! Students will also have the opportunity to learn about herbal medicine from insightful speakers invited to APSA’s meetings. Being a member of APSA means being both an active member of the student pharmacist community that helps serve the public while forming a cohesive bond with fellow pharmacy friends, all rolled into one!

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