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COVID-19 Updates, Planning Updates, and Graduate School Frequently Asked Questions + Updates

MFA Show Update 

“After a long, unforeseen hiatus, the 2020 Studio Art MFA cohort is proud to present their thesis exhibition, ______: Revisited. Comprising works in painting, photography, sculpture, video, and installation, this exhibition celebrates the critical discussions and collaborative experience this group of twelve artists has shared over the past two years. The title of the exhibition is left intentionally open, acknowledging the long pause and recent return to work this cohort has experienced. Reconsidering their work in a new context, each artist is invited to fill in the blank.”

Design by Will Shea

Mental Health Guide for Graduate Students

Includes the following information:

  • Counseling & mental health services (includes costs)
  • Wellness and self-care activities
  • Emergency & crisis contact info
  • Graduate academic support & professional development
  • Contacts for non-emergency issues
  • Resources for academic (TA/AI/GRA) employees

Spring Deadlines & Graduation

January 19: First class day.

January 22: 4th class day. Last day students may late register online ($25 late fee). Tuition and fee payments due by 5pm. Students must confirm their registration to avoid cancellation.

January 25th: 5th class day.  Students can only late register within THE DEPARTMENT OFFERING THE COURSE ($50 late fee).

February 3rd: 12th class day. Last day to delete drop (full refund) or add a course through the department offering the course. All registration changes should be completed by this day.

February 4th: 13th class day. Late registration fee now $200 (MUST PAY SAME DAY).  Dean’s approval needed to late register. Late registration forms and petitions must be emailed to for processing.

February 15th: 20th class day. Last day to Q-drop a course without the instructor’s approval (no refund).  Q/F period begins Feb 16th. Last day to Withdraw from the Semester with a partial refund.

April 16th: Last day to apply for a graduate degree.

April 23rd: Last day a doctoral candidate may hold a dissertation defense for spring 2021.

April 26th: Last day to change a course’s grading status. Last day to switch research or conference course hours to dissertation hours for students who have advanced to candidacy. Hard deadline. NOT affected by changes to undergraduate student deadlines.

May 7th: Last class day. Last day to Q/F drop a course (no refund, instructor approval required, NOT affected by undergraduate deadline changes). Last day to withdraw from the spring semester.  Spring graduates must complete and submit all requirements by 3:00 pm to graduate. (See “Deadlines and Submission Instructions for Graduation” )

More information on Academic & Registration Policies:

Complete Academic Calendar:

For more information on policies, see the most recent Graduate Catalog.

If you expect to complete your degree this semester, file to graduate by submitting the Master’s Graduation Application form online or the Doctoral Graduation Application form.

University Writing Center Online Consultations

The UWC is now open for online writing consultations for all UT graduate students. Just as before, you are welcome to book a consultation with a trained writing consultant on any writing project at any stage, including but certainly not limited to: dissertation chapters, grant proposals, conference papers, abstracts, and more.

All consultations are free and 45 minutes long, and will be conducted online in Google Hangouts Meet.

For more information, please visit our website at or email UWC graduate services at

Good luck with your work, and stay safe!


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