Job Opportunity at Oxford Suzhou Center for Advanced Research

The Physical Acoustics group at OSCAR is looking for two Research Scientists to join their team. Applications are being accepted until August 31, 2018. Applicants should have experience in physical acoustics, photoacoustics, laser ultrasonics, high-intensity focused ultrasound, or acoustic cavitation.

For more info see postings here or here, both of which are open to recent doctoral graduates.

Job Opportunity at Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is looking for a recent MS or PhD graduate to fill a systems engineer position  for piezo actuation and control. This engineering position involves the development of embedded signal processing and control systems solutions for piezo actuator applications. The job involves acquiring system expertise in a given application area, designing a system solution reference design (control algorithms, parameter estimation algorithms and data analytics for TI product portfolio: MCU, sensor AFE, etc), creating system simulations to demonstrate solution feasibility and constructing system prototypes to demonstrate functionality. See this document and contact David Magee to apply.

Job Opportunity at CSA Ocean Sciences

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) is a marine science and technical services consulting firm that provides a broad range of environmental, coastal, and oceanographic services worldwide. CSA seeks a master’s degree level scientist with training in underwater acoustics to be based out of the Stuart, Florida office. See the job posting for more details and how to apply.

Internship Opportunity at Air Force Research Lab

The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is seeking a full-time engineer or scientist to participate with the Battlespace Acoustics Branch in Wright-Patterson Air  Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The internship will last for one year beginning Fall 2018. In the Battlespace Acoustics Branch, the successful applicant will assist with
measurement, evaluation, and advanced research of defense-related noise topics such
as aircraft noise, impulsive weaponry, hearing protection, structural acoustics, and
communications. Please contact Dr. Alan Wall for more details.

Acoustical Ask-Me-Anything with Dr. Preston Wilson

Friday, April 20 in ETC 4.150 at 3 PM

Has the tenure process ever seemed enigmatic or mysterious? Then join us this Friday when our very own Dr. Wilson will be talking about what goes into getting tenure from post-doc to full professor.

There will not be a scheduled meeting on Friday, 4 May. Our final meeting for the semester will be officer elections which will take place on Friday, 27 April. Meetings will resume with the Fall 2018 semester.


Grad Skillz Seminar: Automated Testing

Presenter: Colby Cushing
Friday, April 13 at 3 PM in ETC 4.150

Do you ever need to run a careful experiment but it takes too long or you need to continually move your transducers and don’t want to recalibrate your position every time? Build a robot to do it for you! Come learn how this Friday as Colby gives us a brief introduction to automated testing in the lab.

We will also spend a few minutes at the start of the hour discussing courses available this fall that are relevant to acoustics students.

Acoustical Ask-Me-Anything with Dan Hemme (BAi, LLC)

Friday, April 6 in ETC 4.150 at 3 PM
The Acoustical AMA series allows current students to meet with acoustical professionals in an informal setting and pick their brains concerning all things acoustics and related career paths. This week we will be talking with UT Acoustics alum Dan Hemme. Dan has worked in acoustic consulting in Austin at BAi, LLC for years and is a great resource for current students.


ASA Student Chapter General Meeting

Friday, March 30 at 2:45 PM in ETC 4.150

Join us for a short meeting this week where we will discuss the plan for the last month of the year, upcoming elections, and the three-minute ASA talk competition. Please note, the seminar is from 1:30–2:30 PM this week so I will be starting our meeting a little earlier than usual.

Jay, Chair

Grad Skills Seminar: Certainly Uncertain

Quantifying Uncertainty in Experimental Measurements
Presenter: Randy Williams
Friday, March 23 at 3 PM in ETC 4.150

No matter the measurement, there is always uncertainty. But by understanding the sources of uncertainty, how they affect each other, and how to quantify them you can make much stronger claims from your measurement (and maybe even convince other scientists as well!) Come hear Randy give us an introduction into the world of uncertainty quantification in this week’s Grad Skills Seminar.