General Meeting and Inventory Website

We are proud to announce that the new inventory website for UT Acoustics is up and running!

This Friday, in lieu of a chapter meeting, we will be using the day to organize labs, label equipment, and enter information into the database. We will meet in ETC 4.156 at 11am to kick things off, but feel free to stop by any of the labs at anytime between 11am and 4pm if you can only lend a hand for a little while.

Pizza will be provided for lunch. See you then!

-John, Chair pro-tempore

ASA Student Chapter General Meeting

Friday, February 9 at 3 PM in ETC 4.150

This week’s meeting of the ASA student chapter will be a general meeting. We will have a short discussion about various aspects of the chapter, followed by an optional outreach-prep session during which rubber-band harmonica kits will be assembled and the Rubens’ tube will be tested.

Snacks will be provided. See you there!

-John, Chair pro-tempore

ASA Student Chapter General Meeting

A scanning electron microscope image of sediment from The New England Mud Patch provided by Justin Dubin.

Friday, January 26 at 3 PM in ETC 4.150

A new semester is upon us and we will be having our first meeting of 2018 this Friday at the usual time and place. We are going to talk about upcoming events this semester including Girl Day and ExploreUT, the new lab inventory website, the ASA library, and more.

See you there!

Jay, Chair

Two-Minute Thesis Competition

Friday, December 1 at 3 PM in ETC 4.150

Hello Everyone!

We would like to welcome you to our first ever elevator pitch research competition!

The Austin Student Chapter will be hosting a small competition to see who can best describe their research project in 2-minutes or less. Participants will give a 2-minute explanation of their dissertation or thesis research project in such a way that could be understood by someone who wasn’t in a graduate acoustics program. The blackboard is available, if necessary. Attendees will be the judges and the winner of the competition will walk away with one of the new ASA Austin t-shirts!

Hope to see you there!