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Liberal Arts Career Services is offering two career courses for credit this fall.  Both classes are open to juniors and seniors in the planning, research, and/or application stages of a job or internship search.  Career Research and Campaign Design is for students who have identified their career interests and ready to start the job and internship search process.  The Liberal Arts Major in the Workplace is for students interested in defining their career path, preparing application materials (resume and cover letter), and learning about interviewing strategies.  Liberal arts students may register for one or both courses.

Check out the course descriptions below for additional information or visit our College to Career Courses page online.

LA101L Career Research & Campaign Design (Unique 29905)

Fall 2011, Wednesdays 3:00-5:00 FAC 18

This course will run for 7 weeks beginning August 31.

Description: Intended for the serious and focused job-seeker, this course focuses on two key strategies: researching and developing a platform through social media.  Students will work at computer terminals and learn comprehensive strategies for researching career fields and position openings using proprietary databases, blogs, websites, and resources available through PCL and LACS. Students will network within the class and assist one another with their searches in addition to conducting their own research.  Students will also analyze their current online presence, establish a professional online platform and learn ways to enhance their professional image, regardless of chosen career path.  This course will be helpful for students pursuing any career path or planning to develop an entrepreneurial project or business. Due to the limited number of class meetings, attendance is mandatory.

LA101L Liberal Arts Major in the Workplace (Unique 29910)

Fall 2011, Wednesdays 12:00-2:00 FAC 18

This course will run for 7 weeks beginning August 31.

Description: This course is designed for juniors and seniors who have taken at least 12 credit hours in their major and are interested in learning to articulate the value of their major in whatever career path they pursue.  Students will develop their portfolios for the workplace, complete exercises which will help them identify potential careers, understand their strengths related to specific career fields, practice interviewing and networking techniques, and develop a plan for pursuing their career of interest (which might include plans for graduate or professional study).  Due to the limited number of class meetings, attendance is mandatory.


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Liberal Arts Career Services Update for Week of 4/24 – 4/30

Liberal Arts Career Services – helping liberal arts students go “Beyond the Tower!”

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* Fall College to Career Courses The Liberal Arts Major in the Workplace and Career Research and Campaign Design career courses are offered in the fall and spring and can help you develop your social media platform, identify your career interests, prepare your resume and cover letter, practice interviewing, and plan for your future!  Read More…

Get Credit for Your Summer Internship! Make the most of your summer internship: enroll in a credit-based internship course. Read More…

APPLICATION DEADLINES for the week of 4/24:

Search these Job or Schedule IDs in BTT Gateway for details and to apply.

The following are just a sample of the many jobs and internships you will find in BTT Gateway!

4/24 – American Jewish Committee, PR & Marketing Intern: Application Deadline, Job ID 5035

4/24 – Gerson Lehrman Group, Business Development Associate: Application Deadline, Job ID 5040

4/25 – Pew Charitable Trusts, The, 2011-12 Pew Leadership Year:  Application Deadline, Job ID 5044

4/25 – Morgan Stanley, Early Insights for Women Program: Application Deadline, Job ID 5045

4/25 – Searce Inc, Business Process Analyst: Application Deadline, Job ID 5036

4/26 – Provident Funding, Mortgage Professional: Application Deadline, Job ID 5037

4/29 – Remapping Debate, Journalism Internship: Application Deadline, Job ID 4922

4/29 – Eric Breindel Memorial Foundation, 2011 Eric Breindel Award: Application Deadline, Job ID 5033

4/29 – Texas Department of Agriculture, Financial Services Internship: Application Deadline, Job ID 5038

4/29 – Alliance Abroad Group, Human Resources Internship: Application Deadline, Job ID 5042

4/30 – U.S. Department of Justice, Economic Research Analyst: Application Deadline, Job ID 5013

4/30 – Healthcare Realty Brokerage, Investment Sales: Application Deadline, Job ID 5041


The first resume you upload to BTT Gateway will be reviewed by a member of LACS for grammar, format, marketing and relevance to help you highlight your experience in a professional format. Please allow up to two business days for the review process, during which you will not be able to submit the resume for jobs or internships in BTT Gateway. If your resume is not approved, we will provide feedback to help you craft a stronger resume. Once your first resume is approved, all subsequent resume uploads will be automatically approved and you will have immediate access to the resume for BTT Gateway applications. Due to the review process, we recommend you upload your resume well in advance of any upcoming deadlines.

Review the LACS Resume Guidelines to learn the criteria for resume approval.


Liberal Arts Career Services | The University of Texas at Austin

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Pell Grants Will be Available for Summer 2011

The Office of Student Financial Services received word yesterday that they will

be able to award a second Pell Grant in one academic year for Summer 2011.

This is the last year that they will have this capability.  For Summer 2012

and beyond, OSFS will have to revert to the practice of students receiving the

Pell in the summer term if they have not fully utilized their eligibility in

the Fall/Spring terms. They have not yet packaged financial aid for continuing

students for Summer 2011 and will be incorporating the Pell into the

packages before they send them out.