Internship Opportunity

The Japan Information & Culture Center (JICC), Embassy of Japan seeks unpaid, part- to full-time interns (12-35hrs/week) for the Fall term. Internship start/end dates and hours are customized with the academic schedule of the chosen candidate. However, start and end dates must fall within a week or so of the Internship Term’s start and end dates. See below for more information.

The JICC is the cultural and public affairs section of the Embassy of Japan in Washington D.C. Our primary role is to promote better understanding of Japan and Japanese culture by providing a wide range of information, educational services, and programs to the public. We strive to build bridges between cultures through various activities, such as film screenings, art exhibitions, an online newsletter, and school programs. The JICC is the gateway to connect the American public to Japan and the interns are an integral part of our efforts.



  • Enrolled in a four-year degree program and have at least two years of undergraduate study completed. Graduate students may also apply.
  • Major in International Studies, Japanese Studies, Asian American Studies, Public Diplomacy, Political Science, or a related field.


  • English: Proficient to fluent in speaking/reading/writing
  • Japanese: Proficient to fluent in speaking/reading/writing
  • Excellent writing, computer, and organizational skills



  • Interns are required to work at least 12 hours per week for the duration of the Internship Term. Generally these hours are between 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. On occasion, interns are asked to work evening/weekend events.


  • Candidates must either (a) be eligible to receive credit for the internship, or (b) have the internship noted on their academic transcript.
  • Candidates selected for an interview must have an in-person interview at the JICC in Washington, DC during business hours.
  • This position is open to Japanese and American Citizens.

Intern Job Description:

  • Interns at the JICC contribute to and participate in valuable cultural and international relations programs and events by assisting diplomats and public relations professionals. Specific duties include:
  • Participating in JICC’s School Program, a cultural presentation about Japan for local schoolchildren and students
  • Conducting research and drafting letters to respond to inquiries from the public
  • Creating resource materials to educate the public on Japanese culture
  • Preparing for and assisting with events
  • Assisting Japanese diplomats and JICC staff

Application Process: (Application language is English.)

1.  Applications are only accepted during the specified dates below:

Internship Term

Application Period

Fall 2011 (early Sept. ~ early Dec.)

May 16, 2011 ~ July 19, 2011

2.  Submit your resume and cover letter to Ms. Shanti Shoji at or by mail to:

Japan Information & Culture Center, Embassy of Japan

1150 18th Street NW, Suite 100

Washington, DC 20036

3.  Candidates chosen to be interviewed must submit all of the following documents at their interview:

  • Document(s) certifying that the intern candidate will either (a) receive credit, or (b) have the internship noted on their academic transcript
  • Copy of Student ID
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of U.S. Student Visa (Japanese students only)
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • College Transcript – unofficial transcripts are acceptable
  • Recommendation Letter from the Dean, Department Head or Student Advisor

If you have any questions, please contact the Intern Coordinator, Shanti Shoji, at

Japan Information & Culture Center, Embassy of Japan

1150 18th Street NW * Suite 100 * Washington, DC * 20036

Phone: 202.238.6900 * Fax: 202.822.6524