Are you interested in Graduate Study in China?

Come learn about the Hopkins-Nanjing Center!

Wednesday, Nov. 9th at 4:00 p.m. in the Meyerson’s Conference Room (WCH 4.118)

The Hopkins-Nanjing Center is the only graduate program of its kind – a collaborative effort jointly administered by the John Hopkins University and Nanjing University. Students take international relations, economics, law, and Chinese studies courses taught by Chinese professors in Chinese, mastering and transforming their Chinese language skills into an academically and professionally applicable asset. One-year and two-year Master’s programs offered.

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2012 Texas Foreign Language Teaching Excellence Awards

Nominate an exceptional instructor today!

The Texas Language Center is pleased to announce the second annual Texas Foreign Language Teaching Excellence Awards! Awards will be given out to one professor or lecturer, as well as one graduate assistant instructor based on their demonstration of the following:

  • A commitment to teach foreign languages and cultures – and to do so with distinction
  • Superior knowledge of the language and culture taught
  • A passion for teaching
  • The ability to convey excitement about learning a new language and culture
  • The ability to impart knowledge while challenging students to delve more deeply into the subject matter

These awards include a monetary prize and the recipients will be selected by the members of the Texas Language Center Advisory Committee.

Current language students should submit their letter of nomination by December 16, 2011 to the Texas Language Center at HRH 4.196 or by using their online nomination form:

“Major in the Workplace” Classes

There are still openings in the “Major in the Workplace” classes and this time around, any junior/senior Liberal Arts major can sign up.

L A 101L Liberal Arts Major in the Workplace

30110  Monday  3:00 – 5:00 p.m.  FAC 18N

30120  Wednesday  12:00 – 2:00   FAC 18N

This course is designed for juniors and seniors who have taken at least 12 credit hours in their major and are interested in learning to articulate the value of their major in whatever career path they pursue.  Students will develop their portfolios for the workplace, complete exercises which will help them identify potential careers, understand their strengths related to specific career fields, practice interviewing and networking techniques, and develop a plan for pursuing their career of interest (which might include plans for graduate or professional study).  Due to the limited number of class meetings, attendance is mandatory.