Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Scholarship for Undergraduates 2016

South Asia Institute is accepting applications for the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Scholarship. This is an annual scholarship of $500 to be awarded to undergraduate students at UT Austin based on academic excellence and dedication to the study of India.

The guidelines for the application are:

  1. To be eligible a student must have already taken a minimum of nine semester credit hours in courses relating directly to India and/or a minimum of two semesters of an Indian language.
  2. Students must submit with the application an informal transcript of their undergraduate work and two letters of recommendation from professors who are familiar with the applicant’s work in the area of Indian Studies.

The application deadline is April 15, 2016. The application form is attached to the email and can also be downloaded by clicking here. For more information, visit –

If you have any questions regarding the application, please email

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship Deadline

The highly competitive Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship is funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The fellowship assists meritorious graduate and undergraduate students undergoing intensive training in modern languages and related area or international studies.

If you are considering applying for FLAS, please fill out your online application ASAP and submit all supplementary materials (references, resume, writing sample, FAFSA form, etc) to avoid last minute panic or confusion.

We will not accept any late submissions this year and strongly encourage you to fill out the online application in the next few days. FLAS applications have a hard deadline this year of Monday, February 15. 

Click on the following link to access the online application:

Applicants should also read the FAQs regarding the FLAS fellowship before gathering the application materials ( We also recommend that you collect all your documents before you start the process as there is no option to save or resume the FLAS application once it is started.

All this information and much more can be found on the South Asia Institute’s website –

You can send any questions or concerns regarding the application to

Best wishes,

South Asia Institute, UT Austin

2016-2017 Huaya Enrichment Scholarships (HES) Competition Now Open

Read the “2016 HES Instructions” carefully for your eligibility to apply for this scholarship.

The scholarships are for the 20152016 academic year (September 2015-August 2016).  Those who wish to compete for the two spots of priority consideration given to UT Austin should submit a hard copy of their application forms and supporting documents to Ms. Joni Carpenter (WCH 4. 116) no later than 5:00pm on Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

The application forms can be downloaded at


In addition to two letters of recommendation from your professors, the required forms (in hard copies) for the priority considerations are:
1.  2016 HES application form
2.  2015 HES Terms of Agreement
3.  Family.

For supporting documents, please see “2016 HES Instructions.”

Should you have any questions, please contact Dr. Camilla Hsieh:

If you wish to apply for a degree scholarship (臺灣獎學金: Master’s or Ph.D.), please go to this site, and you will need to apply with TECO in Houston directly: