A. Freshman Year

Your academic advisor’s role is to help you discover the information, self-knowledge, and experiences that will move you toward reaching your goals. If you only come to see me for registration, you will miss out on one of the great benefits of advising: someone to help you create an “educational package” that will connect your in-class work with your out-of-class life. Active involvement in the advising process is essential as we work on assessing your abilities, interests, values, and goals. To that end, you will be asked to complete various activities that focus on self-analysis, career exploration, co-curricular involvement, and decision-making.

These Pages list activities that can be done throughout your college career, but may be most appropriately done your freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior year. Completing these are optional, of course, but doing so will help you define and follow an educational plan that is both personally rewarding and professionally productive.

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