Continue to refine options within major and minor

Have you considered a double major or dual degree? Since many ANS courses are crosslisted, many of our majors find it easy to major in two subjects. Check out this website for links to different degree programs. Another option might be to choose an interdisciplinary program such as Bridging Disciplines or the Texas IP.

Are you interested in attending law school? This “Pre-Law Handbook” compiled by Liberal Arts Career Services provides useful information on preparing for and applying to law school. Since UT does not offer a pre-law major, students are free to choose whichever major they want; however, that doesn’t mean your undergraduate education can’t help in your preparation. This list of “Suggested Courses for Pre-Law Students” contains law-related courses that may be useful for students considering law school. They either build skills useful for law school, focus on specific areas of law or legal reasoning, or approach law and the legal system from philosophical or social science perspectives. Be advised that non-majors may not have access to some upper-division courses (e.g., communication and/or government courses) as these are generally restricted to majors. As with most restricted classes, though, it doesn’t hurt to ask – especially if you’re willing to wait until right before the semester begins. Restricted classes are sometimes unrestricted at this time if seats are still available.

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