Explore interdisciplinary degree options, such as the Bridging Discipline Program

The Bridging Disciplines Program connects a student’s major, electives, area requirements, and research opportunities by focusing on interdisciplinary themes such as Children and Society, Cultural Studies, Digital Arts and Media, International Studies, and so on. Through taking 19 hours of coursework and connecting research or internship experiences, students earn a certificate in one of eight areas and prepare for a professional world that values collaboration and innovation.

Each program includes a forum seminar as a foundational course; a connecting experience, such as research, an internship, or a creative project that connects the BDP topic to the student’s major and career goals; and additional coursework related to a specific aspect of the BDP topic.

Students may apply to the BDP at any time, but are encouraged to apply early in their UT career in order to get the most out of the program. There is no GPA requirement to be accepted into the program, but the faculty looks for academically strong students with a demonstrable interest in the topic.

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