Bryce Holladay

Bryce Holladay

My Role as your Freshman SEC Representative

I am one of the two Freshman Representatives for ASME to the Student Engineering Council. I attend weekly SEC meetings and bring back info to ASME for our newsletters and biweekly general meetings. I work under the ASME SEC Representative, Shaharyar Ali.

About Me

As you probably guessed I am a freshman Mechanical Engineer. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and the DFW area (Grapevine, if you’ve heard of it) for the last 11 years. In my free time you’ll most likely find me playing League of Legends or hanging around in the ASME office. I’ve also watched more anime than I would like to think I have. I enjoy IM sports, trying local restaurants, electronic/indie rock, and Dr. Pepper. If you ever want to play a round on the Rift or talk weeb come find me, I love discussing both and meeting people.

And yes, the picture is a JoJo reference.