Internship Review Bank

Internship Review Bank

We want to bring in companies that our members are interested in. Since some of you are finishing up your internships/co-ops, it would be great if you can pass along a contact in your company to us that ASME can connect with to bring into events this year!

Also, this year we are starting an “Internship Review Bank”! You can give a review of your experience at the company you worked at, so that if another member is interested in the company, they will get an honest opinion of what it is like to work there! Just like the test bank, we will be posting your review so that ONLY other members will be able to see it.

If you fill out both sections in the Google Form, you can get a free snack from the snack shop up to $1 value!


Contact our Corporate Liaison, David Mogilevsky, at for questions.