Month: February 2015

HCM/Payroll and Financials: Workday Provides a Cloud-Based Solution

Workday logo

ASMP 2.0 has two projects focusing on replacing the University’s current human resources, payroll, and financial systems with Workday, a cloud-based application with a focus on higher education clients. This type of system is commonly referred to as an Enterprise

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New Student Portal and Student Information System to Improve Student and Staff Experience

students in a college lecture

The Student Administration team, supported by ASMP 2.0, is overseeing two interlaced projects of selecting and implementing a new student portal for the University website and a new student information system (SIS), a set of software packages that manage student-related

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Readiness Coordinator Network Prepares Campus for Changing Administrative Systems


All of the projects under ASMP 2.0 represent transformative change for the University and campus can’t be expected to navigate through so much change unassisted. ASMP 2.0’s Enterprise Readiness efforts will provide tools, training, resources, and reinforcement needed to support the

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Recent Program Updates

UT Tower on a sunny day

ASMP 2.0 sends regular program updates to a subscription email list. Below is an archive of the email communications that went out prior to the creation of the ASMP 2.0 blog. Click on the title of the email update to

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Technology Architecture Team: Providing a New Administrative Systems Technical Architecture to Meet Changing Business Needs

student on a laptop

ASMP 2.0’s Technology Architecture team oversees the projects that will replace the University’s current administrative systems technical architecture with a new architecture platform that offers more functionality and is scalable, reliable, and secure. “The Administrative Systems Master Plan stated that

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Spring 2015 Newsletter

This is the first edition of the Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0) newsletter which will provide articles and updates on a quarterly basis from the various administrative, business, and information technology-focused ASMP 2.0 projects affecting all University employees. View this

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Application Modernization: Retiring the University’s Mainframe

Commons Machine Room at Pickle Research Center housing Lonestar, Champion, Stampede and Ranch.

ASMP 2.0’s Application Modernization team is coordinating and supporting the University-wide effort to transition more than 1,000 applications off the University mainframe. Rich Janes is the ASMP 2.0 Application Modernization Lead and oversees a team that is working with Colleges,

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Enterprise Data Management: Protecting Data Continuity and Access for the Future

Commons Machine Room at Pickle Research Center housing Lonestar, Champion, Stampede and Ranch.

The Enterprise Data Management (EDM) team under ASMP 2.0 is working to ensure continued availability of high-quality institutional data to support and enhance strategic decision-making across all units at the University. According to Kristi Fisher, Data Management Lead for ASMP

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Welcome to the ASMP 2.0 Blog!

UT Tower on a sunny day

The Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0) is set of projects aimed at modernizing The University of Texas at Austin’s business processes, data management, and information systems to facilitate effective and efficient pursuit of the University’s mission. ASMP 2.0 has

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