Enterprise Data Management: Protecting Data Continuity and Access for the Future

The Enterprise Data Management (EDM) team under ASMP 2.0 is working to ensure continued availability of high-quality institutional data to support and enhance strategic decision-making across all units at the University.

According to Kristi Fisher, Data Management Lead for ASMP 2.0, the EDM project is responsible for protecting data continuity and ensuring that campus leaders have access to critical institutional data for statutory reporting and strategic decision-making during ASMP 2.0 and beyond.

“These are data to which campus needs uninterrupted access, and we are working to ensure that they  are mapped and crosswalked and can continue to be accessed through our Institutional Data Store,” said Fisher.

The Institutional Data Store (IDS) is a series of databases managed by the IQ (Information Quest) team, which is the operational unit currently responsible for developing and maintaining the processes and data services for the institution’s data warehouse and business intelligence tools.  The IDS will house historical institutional data going forward and provide linkages between Workday and non-Workday data that are critical for reporting needs.

“This project is very important to campus for many reasons,” said Fisher. “In addition to reporting obligations, compliance obligations, and strategic decision making needs, we as a University have a responsibility to the public to answer their questions, and we cannot do that without ready access to our data.”

According to Fisher, data management has become more complicated over the years as campus leaders have become more reliant upon data for making decisions.  With the increasing number of new technologies and data resources available to campus, data management will only continue to grow in complexity.

“This is an opportunity for us as a University to really get a handle on effectively managing our institutional data,” said Fisher. “We will be employing a data management tool called Data Cookbook that will help us document our institutional data, its definitions, and the necessary crosswalks from our legacy systems to new systems.”

The first campus-wide task the EDM team is tackling is a comprehensive Reports Inventory. Contacts from each unit have been identified and are working with the EDM team to compile a database of mission critical reporting needs across campus.

Visit the EDM project website for more information on the EDM team, the IDS, or the current Reports Inventory.

By: Kerri Battles

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