Spring 2015 Newsletter

This is the first edition of the Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0) newsletter which will provide articles and updates on a quarterly basis from the various administrative, business, and information technology-focused ASMP 2.0 projects affecting all University employees. View this newsletter in a browser (link to newsletter blog page.)

In this Issue:

night time hook 'emASMP 2.0 to Transform UT’s Business Processes, Data Management, and Administrative Systems in Multi-Year Project

ASMP 2.0 has been charged with updating and replacing many of the University’s business processes, data management, and administrative systems to help ensure that the University can continue thriving. For the majority of employees the biggest change they will experience will be through Workday, a cloud-based solution for the management of human resources, payroll, and financials.


Learn more about each ASMP 2.0 project in these break out stories:

HCM/Payroll and Financials: Workday Provides a Cloud-Based Solution

Technology Architecture Team: Providing a New Administrative Systems Technical Architecture to Meet Changing Business Needs

Enterprise Data Management Team: Protecting Data Continuity and Access for the Future

Application Modernization: Retiring the University’s Mainframe by 2020

students in a college lecture

New Student Portal and Student Information System to Improve Student and Staff Experience

The Student Administration team, supported by ASMP 2.0, is overseeing two interlaced projects of selecting and implementing a new student portal for the University website and a new student information system (SIS), a set of software packages that manage student-related data and business functions.



UT Tower on a sunny dayReadiness Coordinator Network Prepares Campus for Changing Administrative Systems

All of the projects under ASMP 2.0 represent transformative change for the University and campus can’t be expected to navigate through so much change unassisted. Managed by the Enterprise Readiness team, the Readiness Coordinator Network is one of ASMP 2.0’s greatest assets in assisting campus with the coming changes.


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