HCM/Payroll and Financials: Workday Provides a Cloud-Based Solution

ASMP 2.0 has two projects focusing on replacing the University’s current human resources, payroll, and financial systems with Workday, a cloud-based application with a focus on higher education clients. This type of system is commonly referred to as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and is something all organizations and businesses rely on to support business activities.

At the same time, the Human Capital Management (HCM)/Payroll and Financials projects are doing much more than just replacing a University software package. These two teams are also taking the opportunity to review and evaluate the University’s administrative processes.

“It is important for campus to understand that this is a business initiative, not an IT initiative,” said Laurie Mackey, the program director overseeing the HCM/Payroll project. “This is an opportunity for us as a University to challenge the status quo by examining and questioning our current human resources and business processes so we can reap the greatest benefit for the University as a whole.”

Because human resources, payroll, and financials are so closely connected, it makes sense for the University to select one integrated system like Workday that can help facilitate access and exchange of information, said Richard Lozano, ASMP 2.0’s Financials project lead.

“A new ERP system comes with new business processes and ways of thinking about how we do business,” said Lozano. “This represents a lot of complexity that we are asking campus to understand and actively engage with us on as we make some of these critical Workday design decisions.”

In order to help involve campus leaders on these major business decisions, both Mackey and Lozano have convened advisory groups and have invited Subject Matter Experts that represent a diverse cross-section of campus to inform how Workday will be configured to meet the University’s needs.

“Subject Matter Experts, just for the HCM/Payroll project, have collectively put in about 5,000 hours in design workshops to help ensure that we have thoroughly examined and analyzed the changes that we will be bringing to campus,” said Mackey. “Our advisory groups have begun meeting on a monthly basis to provide the detailed feedback our teams need to make sure campus has an informed voice in the coming changes.”

Additionally, ASMP 2.0 has created a “Readiness Coordinator” network comprised of representatives from each unit on campus. These representatives will assist their units with information gathering, training, and support during the implementation of the new ERP systems.

More information about the HCM/Payroll project and the Financials project can be found on their project pages on the ASMP 2.0 website.

By: Kerri Battles 

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