New Student Portal and Student Information System to Improve Student and Staff Experience

The Student Administration team, supported by ASMP 2.0, is overseeing two interlaced projects of selecting and implementing a new student portal for the University website and a new student information system (SIS), a set of software packages that manage student-related data and business functions.

“We are implementing the new “myUT” portal system now, and it will provide a way for the University to continue to provide consistent services to students while we are changing out the underlying student information system and all of its related administrative functions,” said Jody Couch, Program Director for Student Administration Systems.

The SIS project is part of the University’s overall plan to modernize business processes and administrative systems.

“Our existing student information systems have served us well, but along with the other information systems at the University, it is time for a technology upgrade off of the mainframe so we can better meet the changing needs of our students,” said Couch.

The myUT portal project was a result of the University’s Digital Experience upgrades recommended by the Mobile Strategy Task Force, said Couch.

“The Office of Enrollment Management has been a great supporter of this project because they realize that getting students the information they need in a visually pleasing way on the device of their choosing will ultimately help them in their goal of graduating in four years,” said Couch.

Students will not be the only beneficiaries of these projects, said Couch.

“Both projects will help improve the way staff, faculty, and students interact with the administrative functions of the University from recruiting to commencement and beyond,” said Couch. “We won’t just be implementing information systems, we’ll also be looking into how the new systems can help improve business processes.”

According to Couch, her team will be implementing standards and best practices that will help decrease the time University staff must spend on routine administrative functions so they can focus more energy in the areas that truly make a difference in their areas.

The Student Administration team will be meeting with administrators across campus and will be hosting focus groups to determine the requirements for a new SIS.

“The Colleges, Schools, and Units should be thinking about the business processes and functions in their areas and cataloguing the work-arounds and systems they have had to create when the central systems couldn’t support them. This information will be very valuable in helping us determine our requirements for a new system.” said Couch. “Also, as we launch the myUT portal this spring, the units should also be thinking about how they can be using the portal to help students find information about their units and services.”

For more information on the Student Administration team, their projects, and how to get involved, visit their project site on the ASMP 2.0 website.

By: Kerri Battles

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