Program Updates: Newsletter and Blog Launch; Workday@UT Web Resource: New Meeting Opportunities

From launching new communication channels to an increase in face-to-face interactions across campus, April is shaping up to be a very busy month for ASMP 2.0. Below is a synopsis of the latest ASMP 2.0 activities. To receive email updates from ASMP 2.0, sign up for our list serve. 

 Newsletter and Blog Launch:

Recently, ASMP 2.0 launched both a blog and an all-employees quarterly newsletter in an effort to spread awareness of the program to a greater number of University employees. Our blog allows for you to search key words, browse categories, and find related content on all of the ASMP 2.0 projects. To catch up on the newsletter, visit our newsletter archive.

 New Workday Web Resource:

Many of you may have heard of Workday but don’t really know where to begin to start learning about this new system. While it will be some time before UT is ready to unveil Workday, we want to make sure campus is aware of the benefits of this cloud-based system and provide some resources for getting comfortable with Workday. The new Workday@UT web page is a new resource on the ASMP 2.0 website where we will be posting resources and FAQs. Currently, we have a glossary of Workday terms and definitions and an FAQ on how reporting will work in Workday.

 Is there something you would like to see on Workday@UT?  Send your questions and suggestions to

 Student Administration:

  • The Student Administration team is hosting a series of vendor demonstrations for a new Student Information System (SIS). Registration is currently open for vendor demonstrations by Ellucian on April 20-21. For a schedule of upcoming vendor demonstrations, visit their webpage.
  • The Student Administration team is also meeting one-on-one with Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs) to spread awareness about the project and engage the CSUs in future focus groups.
  • For more information on the SIS project, sign up for email updates.

 Application Modernization:

 Financial Management:

  • Prior to moving into the Architect Stage, the Financial Management team is working with members of the University Business Officers Council (UBOC) to gain a deep understanding of each unit’s unique business needs in advance of Financial Design Workshops, which will be scheduled soon.

 Human Capital Management (HCM)/Payroll:

  • The HCM/Payroll team has completed their Design Reviews, which began in March. Many thanks to all of the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from across campus who devoted their time and expertise to this endeavor. Once all requirements have been verified, the project will move into the Configure and Prototype stage.

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