Tech Arch Team Begins Procurement for a New Administrative Systems Technical Architecture

The Technology Architecture team has begun procurement for a new Administrative Systems Technical Architecture beginning with two new procurements: new storage needed as the University migrates off of the mainframe and Mulesoft, the new Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

The ESB will provide the University with the technical capability to design, build, and manage integrations between administrative applications (cloud and on-premise) and between those applications and varied data sources. Most importantly, the ESB will allow the University to move away from an environment where we need to create one-to-one integrations between myriad applications; instead we will be able to integrate via Application Program Interfaces (APIs) published by applications.

The ESB is one part of a larger effort to move our technical architecture to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model.  The Mulesoft procurement brings us one major step closer to realizing one of the Technology Architecture team’s overall goals, and an overall goal of ASMP 2.0, of freeing up developers to focus their IT skills on solving business problems, not figuring out architecture, tools, and environments.

By: Kerri Battles 

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