ASMP 2.0 Meeting with CSUs on Future of HR-Focused Mainframe Applications

While ASMP 2.0 is a program of many concurrent projects we do have a unified goal of helping the University to be a model of operational excellence in higher education. Teamwork, cooperation, and two-way communication with College, Schools, and Units (CSUs) will be essential in achieving our goal.

One way ASMP 2.0 is reaching out to the CSUs is through “Sync-Up” meetings with our Application Modernization (App Mod) team. The App Mod team is overseeing a project to remove over 1,000 applications from the University’s mainframe by 2020. Many of these applications are owned by individual CSUs.

In order to assist each unit with determining the future of their mainframe applications, the App Mod team has been meeting with CSUs one-on-one throughout the months of April and May. In these meetings, the team is focusing primarily on applications with human resources and payroll functionality that must be addressed with the implementation of Workday, a new generation of cloud-based applications that the University has selected to service its human resources, payroll, and financial needs. App Mod will also perform another round of Sync Up meetings as information about Workday Financials functionality is revealed during future Financial Design Workshops.

“As we continue this process we wish to thank all of the CSU Subject Matter Experts, Business Partners, End Users, ASMP 2.0 leadership and team members, and our App Mod and Integrations partners for their insight, collaboration, expertise, and focus in making this project a success now and in the future,” said Rich Janes, ASMP 2.0 Application Modernization Lead.

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By: Kerri Battles 

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