SIS Team Concludes Vendor Demos; Plans Focus Groups to Gather Requirements for New Student Information System

The Student Administration team has been making great progress in their project to select a new student information system (SIS) for the University. Since their kick-off in January, the SIS team has been working on gathering the University’s requirements for a new SIS.

Last week, the team completed their third and final round of SIS vendor demonstrations. Oracle, Ellucian, and Workday all made multi-day visits to campus and provided overviews of their products throughout the spring semester.  Subject Matter Experts and technical, business, and academic contacts from across campus were invited to the demonstrations.

The team has also been meeting individually with Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs) to gather high-level feedback and to educate CSUs on upcoming opportunities to get involved. The team also been meeting with select campus groups including the Graduate Coordinator Network, Student Deans Committee, and Student Government to gather their feedback.

”In addition to individual CSU meetings, the CSUs will be invited to attend focus groups to discuss requirements and will have the opportunity to review final requirements and provide feedback,” said Jody Couch, Program Director for Student Administration Systems.  “CSUs are also welcome to schedule individual meetings with the SIS team to discuss concerns or share requirements.”

According to Couch, the CSU meetings have had positive results so far.

“The CSUs have been overwhelmingly open and interested in the opportunities that come with the new systems,” said Couch. “They’ve been brainstorming better ways to do things and are excited about the possibilities better access to data will bring them. There is a great deal of positive support on campus for the project.”

As their individual CSU meetings wind down over the coming weeks, the SIS team will begin scheduling a series of focus groups covering 50 work streams to validate existing requirements and add new requirements. Members of the SIS Selection Advisory group will also be attending site visits to some of the University’s peer institutions during the summer months.

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By: Kerri Battles 

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