Updates on Student Information System, Mainframe Application Retirement; Technical Architecture Procurements

Since our last email update, ASMP 2.0 has posted several new stories on our ASMP 2.0 blog focusing on the selection of a new student information system, how our teams are helping units retire their mainframe applications, and the first procurements from our Technology Architecture team. Below are highlights. We recommend book-marking our blog to see the newest content.

SIS Team Concludes Vendor Demos; Plans Focus Groups to Gather Requirements for New Student Information System

The Student Administration team has been making great progress in their project to select a new student information system (SIS) for the University. Since their kick-off in January, the SIS team has been working on gathering the University’s requirements for a new SIS. Last week, the team completed their third and final round of SIS vendor demonstrations. The team has also been meeting individually with Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs) to gather high-level feedback and to educate CSUs on upcoming opportunities to get involved. As their individual CSU meetings wind down over the coming weeks, the SIS team will begin scheduling a series of focus groups covering 50 work streams to validate existing requirements and add new requirements.

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 ASMP 2.0 Meeting with CSUs on Future of HR-Focused Mainframe Applications

One way ASMP 2.0 is reaching out to the units is through “Sync-Up” meetings with our Application Modernization (App Mod) team. The App Mod team is overseeing a project to remove over 1,000 applications from the University’s mainframe by 2020. Many of these applications are owned by individual CSUs. In these meetings, the team is focusing primarily on applications with human resources and payroll functionality that must be addressed with the implementation of Workday, a new generation of cloud-based applications that the University has selected to service its human resources, payroll, and financial needs. App Mod will also perform another round of Sync Up meetings as information about Workday Financials functionality is revealed during future Financial Design Workshops.

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 Tech Arch Team Begins Procurement for a New Administrative Systems Technical Architecture

The Technology Architecture team has begun procurement for a new Administrative Systems Technical Architecture beginning with two new procurements: new storage needed as the University migrates off of the mainframe and Mulesoft, the new Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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