Program Updates: New Readiness Coordinator Network webpages; Tech Arch Kicks Off New Project

Since our last email update, we have made some changes to our website to give greater visibility to our Readiness Coordinator Network, which is comprised of University employees that provide a critical link between ASMP 2.0 and Colleges, Schools, and Units. Visit our Readiness Coordinator Network page for a description of this role and links to Readiness Coordinator Network directories.

Our Technology Architecture team has also passed a major milestone, moving into their next project where they will begin releasing new “Services” to campus. A Service is a combination of a new product and the people and processes to make the product usable by campus. You can read more about this new stage on the ASMP 2.0 Blog.

Tech Arch Team Kicks-Off Implementation Project; To Begin Releasing Services to Campus

In addition to selecting the many technical products necessary to help our University modernize our administrative systems, the Technology Architecture team is also responsible for the processes and support roles that make those products usable by campus. This combination of a product, people, and processes is known as a “Service”. Last week, the Tech Arch team passed a major milestone by officially kicking-off the Technology Architecture Implementation (TAI) project. In this new project, the Tech Arch team will begin to release Services in Releases over the next several years. As part of their work, the Tech Arch team has developed plans and a methodology for releasing new Services that can be reused on campus after the TAI project is complete. Full Article…

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