Tech Arch Team Kicks-Off Implementation Project; To Begin Releasing Services to Campus

In addition to selecting the many technical products necessary to help our University modernize our administrative systems, the Technology Architecture team is also responsible for the processes and support roles that make those products usable by campus. This combination of a product, people, and processes is known as a “Service”.

Last week, the Tech Arch team passed a major milestone by officially kicking-off the Technology Architecture Implementation (TAI) project. In this new project, the Tech Arch team will begin to release Services in Releases over the next several years. As part of their work, the Tech Arch team has developed plans and a methodology for releasing new Services that can be reused on campus after the TAI project is complete.

According to Julienne VanDerZiel, Director of ITS Applications and ASMP 2.0 Technology Director, “TAI is not just about implementing the products that will make up the new Administrative Systems Technical Architecture. Another major objective of this project is to address the people and processes that will support an effective architecture. With each Service we release, we will also take into account the training and support needed for the people who support and use the products and the processes we must all follow to ensure effective delivery of Services.”

The first official TAI Release will be composed of Services that have an imminent need on campus or are considered “underpinning” Services. While the TAI Releases most directly affect technology personnel on campus, it is important for campus business users to also be aware of the changes affecting their IT counterparts.

“Just as our business users are experiencing large amounts of change with the selection of Workday for human resources and financials, our University technical staff are also experiencing a fundamental change to the foundation of their everyday work,” said Caroline Taylor, Training and Education Coordinator for ITS Applications. “Understanding how each group is affected by this change will help us to continue to work together and communicate effectively throughout this great change.”

An FYI Session for campus IT staff is also being planned to explain the new methodology for Releases. FYI Sessions are open to campus and are live streamed and recorded. The upcoming FYI Session will be posted to the FYI Session webpage on the ASMP 2.0 website.

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