Month: November 2015

Admin It Newsletter – Timely Tips, Tools, and Updates

This edition of the ASMP 2.0 Admin IT Newsletter provides timely tips to help your unit make the transition with greater ease. Additionally, feel free to peruse earlier editions of this newsletter for more resources. In this issue: Enterprise Service

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UT Austin Using ITIL to Improve IT Service Delivery

Replacing the University’s Administrative Systems Technical Architecture (including retiring the mainframe), modernizing business processes and data management and strengthening the systems development processes are key goals of the Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0). ASMP 2.0 actively collaborates with Information

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Video Available on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and New Integrations Concepts

On October 28th, an ASMP 2.0 FYI presentation titled, “Introduction to the ESB and Integration Services” was delivered to campus and the video is now available on the ASMP FYI Archive page. The presentation highlighted a new tool coming to

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Program Updates: Financial Data Model, Town Hall, Admin IT Newsletter & Wiki

Arch by the main building

The fall semester has been a busy time for the Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0). Below is a list of new resources, videos, presentations, and new communication channels to help you get up to speed on the University’s modernization

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Video: ASMP 2.0 Presents Tools for Mainframe Decommissioning

Archive video and a copy of the ASMP 2.0 FYI presentation from November 4th Tools for Mainframe Application Decommissioning is now available online. This presentation by Application Modernization Lead Rich Janes highlights the milestones of mainframe retirement and the process

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Financial Data Model Overview Online

APO Texas flag training 2014 took place on the South Mall, with instruction about how to fold the flag, tie knots and safely hoist it to the Main fourth floor balcony in order to display it across the front of the Main Building.

The Financial Data Model (FDM) is a foundational element of Workday, a new generation of cloud-based applications that the University has selected to service human resources, payroll, and financial needs.  The FDM will replace our current Chart of Accounts, and

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Admin IT Newsletter – New Admin IT Wiki, Vendor Software at UT and More

Welcome to November, and the third edition of the ASMP 2.0 Newsletter! This issue offers a host of tools to support your College, School or Unit (CSU) with updates, learning opportunities and more. Peruse earlier issues of the Admin IT

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VIDEO: Oct Town Hall Presentation Now Available Online

Archive video and a copy of the presentation from the October 29 ASMP 2.0 Town Hall are now available online. Visit the ASMP 2.0 Town Hall archive site for materials pertaining to this and previous Town Halls.

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