Admin IT Newsletter – Service-Oriented Architecture, Applications Update and Campus Readiness

In this edition of the ASMP 2.0 Admin IT Newsletter, we focus on current changes as we move closer to Workday Go Live.  More information as well as an archive of previous newsletters is available on the Admin IT Wiki.

In this issue:

  • Spotlight on Service Oriented Architecture
  • Financial Information Systems (FIS) – Applications Update
  • Assessing Campus Application Readiness
  • Don’t Forget Forms

Spotlight on Service Oriented Architecture

The first in a two-part series of in-depth articles exploring Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is now available. The article looks at how developers using a SOA approach work with programs and applications, and describes some aspects of the University’s SOA implementation, including new technical architecture services, uptime and data security in the cloud, and compliance to federal, state and local laws.

The first part takes a look at how SOAs work from a technical perspective, goals of this type of architecture, and how other organizations have implemented SOA. The second part of this series will discuss how SOA implementation will affect campus and will be published in the next newsletter.

Financial Information Systems (FIS) – Applications Update                  

Financial Information Systems (FIS) is slated to maintain the current Centralized Receivables and Credit Card Processing systems through the Workday Go-Live date and beyond. While these systems and associated dependencies will be migrated off the mainframe in alignment with the Student Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) decommissioning timeline, the focus this year, as we prepare for Go Live, is on maintaining continuity for departments across campus.

This is particularly relevant for Centralized Receivables, which will integrate with the Workday Financials system after Go Live. The existing Natural API to Centralized Receivables (CR) functionality will continue to be available after January 2017, and a project team is developing a RESTful Python API to CR for those departments who want to migrate off the mainframe starting later in 2016.

While there are no immediate plans to modify the Credit Card Processor, this may change over time. If you would like to stay up to speed on all changes, including the road map for Centralized Receivables, please subscribe: Questions? Contact Karen Weisbrodt.

If there are other applications or units that you would like us to highlight in upcoming newsletters, please contact Debbie Dillingham with your suggestions.

Assessing Campus Application Readiness

In the last edition of this newsletter we announced the new IT Readiness Coordinator Network. As part of our collaboration with this group in preparing for Workday Go Live, IT Readiness Coordinators in CSUs with applications related to Workday HCM/Payroll and Finance are scheduled to receive a survey later this month. This assessment is designed to gauge campus readiness as related to Workday Go Live and the results will be compiled before the second quarter of this year.  Subsequent assessments will be requested before all pre-Go-Live checkpoints (June, September, October (90 day), November (60 day) and December (30 day)). Questions? Contact

Don’t Forget Forms

As you are assessing the impact of changes in concepts and systems, don’t forget to review PDF and paper forms created locally.  These may also become obsolete or need to be updated to align with new concepts rolled out with Workday. For more information contact

If you have any specific questions on other topics related to the decommissioning of applications or the new technical architecture, visit the Admin IT wiki FAQ page.

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