Video: UT Virtualization in the ASMP Technical Architecture

Video and a copy of the ASMP 2.0 FYI presentation from Feb. 17th, UT Virtualization in the ASMP Technical Architecture is now available online. This presentation by the ITS Systems team covers the benefits of using UT-Virtualization environment, including options for data storage. You can download the slides used in this presentation from the ASMP 2.0 FYI homepage.

In this presentation, ITS Systems shows Colleges, Schools & Units (CSUs) some of the benefits of UT Virtualization, including:

  • Hardware utilization
  • High availability
  • Snapshots
  • Quicker deployment / lifecycle; and
  • Development.

UT-Virtual Machine Gateway (UT-VMG) provides technical faculty and staff a web interface for Virtual Machine (VM) provisioning and management. The number of VMs at the University has risen from 546 in Sep. 2012 to 1,531 as of Dec. 2015. To acquire VM Self Service and find out more about its features, please visit the UT-VMG Service page. UT-VMG is intended to serve departments, colleges, and research units with the benefits of server virtualization, including improved server reliability and availability, easier web-based VM administration, lower total operational cost, and smaller carbon footprint through more efficient utilization of physical servers.

The FYI also covers the Offerings for storage, including Austin Disk (a secure, highly-available enterprise-scale file server solution); UT Box (a campus-wide cloud storage solution); and UT-VMG itself (cost-effective, reliable, self-provisioned Virtual Machines). For more information on storage, please visit the ITS storage page.

The FYI also explores the question: “Where do my applications fit into the new technical architecture?” by detailing a use case for campus developers. To contact ITS about UT-VMG, please email

Presenters include:

  • Virtualization Specialist: Olu Kole-James
  • Principal Systems Administrator: Doug Bailey
  • Senior Information Technology Manager: David Pavkovic

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