Admin IT Newsletter – UTLearn, Services Pricing Model, Accessibility, and More

In this edition of the ASMP 2.0 Admin IT Newsletter, we offer updates on the migration of existing services to new alternatives, how to manage data retrieval needs, and tools to bridge existing system requirements with future system needs. More information, as well as an archive of previous newsletters, is available on the Admin IT Wiki.

In this issue:

  • Pricing Model for Technical Architecture Services
  • UTLearn Launching in April
  • Tips for Accessibility
  • Video: UT Virtualization in the ASMP Technical Architecture
  • Metrics Help

Pricing Model for Technical Architecture Services

With the implementation of the new Administrative Systems Technical Architecture, there has been great interest in the cost individual Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs) will bear when utilizing services. We have good news! Our goal, as approved by the Business Services Committee, is to make services cost-neutral. The Technical Architecture also includes 10 services that were not previously provided. For more information about Common Good services, check out the Admin IT Wiki.

UTLearn Launching in April

Phase 1 of the UTLearn implementation will release on April 4, 2016. It will ultimately replace TXClass, the Compliance Training System (CTS), and other shadow training systems and manual processes across campus. In addition to providing existing TXClass functionality, the new system will provide one central location to manage employee training with more autonomy, allow learners to search and register for training in one system, send email notifications with training deadlines, cancellations and training assignments, and other features previously unavailable at the University.

If you are interested in future integrations with UTLearn via the web services please contact the team at:

For more information and updates, visit the UTLearn wiki page and subscribe to:

As one of the first Go Lives coming from the ASMP 2.0 program, UTLearn is an example of how modernization efforts will bring greater efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence to the University.

Tips for Accessibility

Adhering to guidelines for accessibility standards when developing an application or implementing a vendor solution is critically important for all people, especially those with disabilities. Following accessibility standards means that everyone can equally access websites and materials online. To find information on topics from smoke testing software to requesting an accessibility scan, visit the App Mod Wiki.

Video: UT Virtualization in the ASMP Technical Architecture

Video and a copy of the ASMP 2.0 FYI presentation from Feb. 17th, UT Virtualization in the ASMP Technical Architecture, is now available online. This presentation by the ITS Systems team covers the benefits of using UT-Virtualization environment, including options for data storage. You can download the slides used in this presentation from the ASMP FYI homepage.

Metrics Help

We’ve updated the App Mod Wiki to include instructions on how to indicate a CSU has archived a Natural Library, an ADABAS file, a TXtbls table, a JobGroup, and a dataset on the decommissioning applications Metrics website. 

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