What Workday Means for You: 5 Things Everyone Needs to Know

Workday is among a new generation of cloud-based systems from which the University has chosen to replace its legacy HR, payroll, and financial systems. This represents a major shift in how the University intends to manage its operations and will impact employees in various ways. For the vast majority of employees, there are a few major changes that will touch everyone. Here are the top five:

  1. Timesheets: In the future, you will update your timesheets in Workday instead of UT Direct. Workday is mobile enabled so you can fill in your timesheets on the go from the mobile device of your choice.
  2. Update Your Personal Information: All of your personal information, including emergency contacts and your UT directory information, can be viewed and updated in Workday from your Workday employee profile.
  3. Claim Your W-2: Going forward, you will view, claim, and download your W-2 directly from the Workday system.
  4. View Benefit Selections: In Workday, you will also be able to view benefits selections and Workday will include links to UT System’s “My UT Benefits” for any updates.
  5. Training Profile: Any training you complete in the new employee training management system, UTLearn, will automatically appear in your employee profile in Workday. This will allow you to easily keep track of any completed training.

 For many employees, Workday represents a major enhancement to employee self-service. For more reasons to be excited about Workday, read “10 Reasons to be Excited About Workday.”


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