Admin IT Newsletter-July 19, 2016

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In this issue:

  • Campus Prepares For Workday Financial Playbacks – UPDATED DATES: July 25-28
  • Stonebranch Available – July 18
  • FYI Topic: New Tools and Services from ASMP – July 27
  • Coming Soon: New Standards and Methodologies for Enterprise Administrative Systems

Campus Prepares For Workday Financial Playbacks – UPDATED DATES: July 25-28

The Workday Financial Playbacks are scheduled for July 25-28. A milestone of the overall Workday deployment timeline is to present Financial Playbacks to those that participated in the design of our Workday Financial configuration. The playbacks will provide an update and inform campus stakeholders of the progress ASMP has made while providing a forum to demonstrate what has been built in the system. Playbacks do not serve as redesign sessions, but are an opportunity for our stakeholders to:

  • Provide feedback
  • Ask questions about what the project team has configured so far
  • Determine whether current financial applications and departmental third-party systems can be retired
  • Discover how campus processes will be implemented in Workday

The sessions will cover business processes and other functionality related to the following Workday modules: Financial Accounting, Budgets, Departmental Projects, Customer Accounts, Procurement, and Expenses.

In preparation for the Playbacks, ASMP has cancelled the July IT Readiness Coordinator meeting to be respectful of everyone’s time as they attend the Financial Playbacks. ASMP has also contacted CSUs that have financial functionality in their third-party systems and applications, and will continue to provide support to the IT Readiness Coordinators and their teams as they prepare for and attend the upcoming Financial Playbacks. For more information, send an email to the Application Modernization team at:

Stonebranch Available – July 18

The University’s new batch scheduling tool Stonebranch Universal Automation Center is available as of July 18, 2016.

A workload automation tool used for scheduling processes and work streams, Stonebranch is analogous to the University’s current job scheduling tool, Task Manager. Stonebranch will meet the University’s need for non-mainframe based schedule automation. Task Manager will retire with the mainframe.

Effective July 18, users wishing to automate business processes can begin the process to use Stonebranch, which involves becoming familiar with some basic concepts and features. To learn more about Stonebranch, attend the FYI – including a live demo on Aug. 3 in person in POB 2.402 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. or via livestream.

Stonebranch training is provided at several different levels and as a Common Good to departments. For introductory level training, the videos, documentation, and other resources on the Stonebranch Wiki are recommended, and have been very useful for our alpha users. For beginners to advanced users, a range of options exist: Universal Automation Center Basics is a beginner level, four-day and instructor-led course; for advanced users, there are customized courses determined by need, with multiple topics.

For more information about Stonebranch training, send an email to and the Enterprise Orchestration Service Team at To learn more about new tools and services like Stonebranch, visit the ASMP Admin IT Wiki.

FYI Topic: New Tools and Services from ASMP – July 27

Want to know what all these new “Services” are about? Are tools like the MuleSoft ESB, Stonebranch, and Oracle mysteries to you? Join the Technical Architecture Delta Force team for a bird’s-eye view of the new tools and services that are available to the Admin IT community. At the July 27 FYI in POB 2.402 from 10:30-11:30 a.m., you’ll discover how these new tools fit together, and what training opportunities are available for your team. You’ll also hear a fair number of Chuck Norris jokes.

If your team has already been visited by the Technical Architecture Delta Force Road Show (remember all the Chuck Norris jokes?), then this FYI will be a repeat. The complete list of new tools we will discuss:

* Oracle, MySQL, & MSSQL

* MuleSoft ESB & API Registry

* RabbitMQ Message Broker

* Stonebranch Workload Automation

* DocuSign, Kofax, & Documentum

* Splunk Enterprise

* GitHub

For more information, visit the Admin IT Wiki, where we have updated availability dates, a downloadable diagram of how our new tools fit together, and handy cheat sheets about the new services. You may also email the Technical Architecture Delta Force team at

New Standards and Methodologies for Enterprise Administrative Systems

Beginning in August, ASMP will launch a new a set of standards and methodologies to help guide and shape future work that impacts enterprise administrative systems.

“A large part of the ASMP mission is to create a new way of doing business at the University that is repeatable to increase transparency, quality, and accountability. One important aspect of this new way of doing business is a set of standards and methodologies to help shape future work that impacts enterprise administrative systems,” said Renee Wallace, Associate Vice President for ASMP.

The standards, to be published on a new Standards and Methodologies wiki, represent general project tasks that should occur regardless of whether you use Agile, Waterfall, or other methodologies. They cover setting and managing expectations with your users and governance groups, testing, preparing end users and business areas, and other common project or implementation objectives. The standards differ depending on the project size or complexity, and a project sizing tool will be included on the wiki.

This fall, ASMP will begin introducing recommended approaches, templates, and tools for achieving standards in different types of projects and situations. These will include templates and examples from projects of all sizes for things like creating a budget or a test plan, and links to standards-related Technical Architecture service offerings. The standards will take effect after methods are published in late 2017 or early 2018.

The work to develop standards and methodologies has been a community effort.  The concept was an Administrative Systems Master Plan initiative, and since the Master Plan was released, working groups representing the community have further detailed the scope and priorities for the effort.

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