ASMP Update: New Services Announced

This summer has been full of technical milestones for the ASMP program!

Since May, ASMP has released 6 new Services with a total of 12 individual product offerings. A Service is set of offerings in the Administrative Systems Technical Architecture packaged to provide value to customers; this includes technology, people, and supporting processes.

With each Service release, the team also provides training resources and support for users and developers. All Services have been designed to provide our UT Administrative IT community with modern tools to better aid in focusing their skills on solving business problems, instead of technical architecture, tools, and environments.

Recent TAI technology released to date range from virtual machine solution builds to enterprise-level relational database hosting services and integration platforms.

  • Virtual Machine (released May 2016) – Provides servers to stand up purchased or built solutions so developers don’t have to maintain their own machines.
  • Database Hosting (released May 2016) – Provides an enterprise-level relational database service with product offerings like Oracle and MySQL. Although we have been hosting databases for decades now, TAI is providing upgrades that will ensure continued support.
  • Integration Services (released June 2016) – Most notable among this Service release is the Enterprise Service Bus powered by MuleSoft, which provides the integration platform to allow for the transport and translation of data between systems. RabbitMQ, a message broker, and the MuleSoft API registry are the other two Offerings in the Integration Service.
  • Enterprise Orchestration (released July 2016) – Better known as Stonebranch, this Service provides a mechanism to schedule processes and workstreams.
  • Development Operations (released August 2016) – GitHub provides version control for source code and documentation. Artifactory provides version control for binary artifacts, integrations, and other files.

Service releases on the horizon also include DocuSign for Document Management and Enterprise Monitoring and Metrics (aka, Splunk) slated for September.

Diagram of TAI New Tools and Services

Diagram of TAI New Tools and Services via

With all of these new Service releases hitting campus, ASMP has been working hard to provide tools and information to the Admin IT community to help them navigate this new technical architecture. Currently on the Technical Architecture Wiki Homepage, you can get a more detailed list of Services, offerings, descriptions and release dates.


In addition to a rolling road show presentation to campus units and IT shops, several new FYIs have also been produced and are currently available on the ASMP website FYI archive.

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