Admin IT Newsletter – September 8, 2016

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  • Free GitHub Training Available
  • Initial Release of Workday Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) Functionality in Mid-Sept.
  • MyUT Faculty, Staff, and Researchers Portal: Requirements Gathering and UI Design
  • HCM/Payroll User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Completed
  • Workday Parallel Payroll Testing, Sept.-Nov. 2016
  • August IT Readiness Coordinator Meeting Summary

Free GitHub Training Now Available
The University is moving from SVN version control to GitHub, which is a distributed source code repository and version control system with collaboration tools which developers can use to track changes, share code, and review code without scheduling code reviews. Eventually, SVN will be retired, and as we develop a plan for that, we will engage the campus IT community.

GitHub is a tool many users teach themselves to use online; a free, one-hour Introduction to GitHub training webinar can be taken through UTLearn. We also encourage one person from each area to take GitHub for Everyone and/or GitHub for Developers. (If you need assistance with navigating UTLearn, review the UTLearn FAQ page.) Options also exist for more advanced training. Visit the Development Operations wiki to learn more. If you would like to request this Service, please visit the ServiceNow GitHub page.

Initial Release of Workday Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) Functionality in Mid-Sept.
Workday is in the process of developing IDT functionality (called Internal Service Provider or ISP in Workday). Some members of the ASMP team went to Workday HQ in Pleasanton, CA last week to test what had been developed and provide feedback. The initial release of IDT functionality will be included in Workday’s 27 release, which comes out mid-September. Further enhancements are likely to be released in the Workday 28 release (March 2017). After the UT Workday project team has a chance to evaluate Workday’s final solution, more information will be provided to you regarding how the IDT functionality will work in Workday and how you can integrate with it from your administrative systems.

MyUT Faculty, Staff, and Researchers Portal: Requirements Gathering and UI Design
ASMP is currently working with focus groups and conducting interviews to define requirements and create UI designs for the faculty, staff, and researchers iterations of the MyUT portal. Our goal is to identify requirements and needs for the new MyUT portal by getting a first-hand account of what tools, services, and functionality each group needs and wants. To that end, we’re seeking input from individuals on what would make this new portal truly useful to them on a daily basis. Design work is planned to wrap up by end of Sept., so if you or someone in your unit want to participate in this process, email us at The student version of the MyUT portal launched this summer.

HCM/Payroll User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Completed
HCM/Payroll wrapped up user acceptance testing (UAT) two weeks ago, and the team is in the process of reviewing and addressing feedback from the UAT surveys and from the parking lot items noted during the testing sessions. The final responses, as well as the raw survey results, will be published online in the coming weeks. Non-payroll integrations testing will begin in September. Most recently, the team has been working closely with the Office of Financial Aid to test the integrations with Workday that will pass Work-Study student demographic, award, and payroll actuals data to and from Workday.

 Workday Parallel Payroll Testing, Sept.-Nov. 2016
The HCM/Payroll team will be kicking off parallel payroll testing next week in which they will be running three months of payroll cycles in a “QUAL-like” legacy environment and in Workday. The payroll team will be comparing the gross to net results of UT employee paychecks from both systems, resolving differences, and documenting any variances that are acceptable. Parallel payroll testing will run through the beginning of November 2016.

 August IT Readiness Coordinator Meeting Summary
The following topics were presented at the Aug. IT Readiness Coordinator meeting:

  • Claire Knauth described the “Pit Crew” Concept that will be rolled out to CSUs in the coming months to support Workday go live readiness for IT and business stakeholders.
  • Kelly Liao discussed the Data Reporting Portal and what the CSUs need to focus on related to data and reporting needs.
  • Ned Horvath presented an overview of PyPE, including web application architecture with relationships to RabbitMQ and Mulesoft, in addition to PyPE batch summary and eco systems.

For more information, including meeting notes and presentation slides, refer to the IT Readiness Coordinators wiki page.

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