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In this issue:
• Workday Dependencies for Non-HR and Non-Financial Systems
• Enterprise Document Management Services
• Instructional Video for DocuSign Signers
• FYI Transcripts Posted

Workday Dependencies for Non-HR and Non-Financial Systems
Some systems that are not connected directly to HR or Financial data may still have a dependency on Workday. If you have a system that does not use HR or Financial data for a primary purpose, but you are relying on that data in the background, you may still have some dependencies for Workday go live. For example, if an application uses HRMS data, such as an employee’s department, to determine which student-employee names to display, then the source of the employee data should be reviewed to ensure it will continue to work after Workday go live. To review the dependencies your applications may have, you should scope and analyze your systems. Refer to CSU Roadmaps/Plans related to Workday – Upstream/Downstream Dependencies wiki page for more information.

Enterprise Document Management Services
The University Enterprise Document Management Service provides the ability to generate, capture, electronically sign, store, search, retrieve, and dispose of University information and records. The Enterprise Document Management Service is composed of three offerings: content management using Documentum, image capture using Kofax, and electronic signature using DocuSign. Electronic signature using DocuSign is available now, and content management and image capture are scheduled to go live in spring 2017. These offerings are supported by ITS Applications and Records and Information Management Services.

  • For content management, the Documentum repository will replace current image repositories (e.g. doc repo, UT Imaging system repo, and Tamino) and serve as the core university repository. It features document management functionality to store, search, retrieve, view, and dispose of information and records.
  • Kofax Total Agility (KTA) is the enterprise image capture offering for scanning hardcopy and digital files, extracting and storing index information, and releasing content to the Documentum repository. It will connect with high volume production scanners, and CSUs will be able to use Kofax capture service to direct content to the Documentum system.
  • DocuSign is the electronic signature offering available to all active University staff and faculty. The offering can be automated through API development, and it will be integrated with Documentum. Units must designate at least one DocuSign Unit Contact (DUC) to assist ITS DocuSign system admins in setting user permissions and in implementing API solutions.

For more information, contact Records and Information Management Services at for assistance with Document retention and disposition policy requirements and DocuSign Unit Contact training. Contact the MCA Common Applications team at mailto:MCA Common Applications MCA Common Applications for assistance with technical requirements.

Instructional Video for DocuSign Signers
A new navigation video for DocuSign users has been published showing how to sign a document after receiving an email for review. Tips include how to accept and open a sent document in your browser, agreeing to the accompanied Electronic Records and Signature Disclosure link, and how to begin the signing process and initial tags requiring action.

FYI Transcripts Posted
The ASMP FYI Sessions website links to ASMP-related Information Technology FYI presentations. The following new transcripts of FYI Sessions have now been posted:

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