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  • KPMG Providing Independent Validation and Verification Services to UT Austin ASMP Program
  • Updated Consolidated Integrations and Data Sources List Published
  • Reporting Activities and Updates Web Page
  • IT Readiness Coordinator Meeting December 8

KPMG Providing Independent Validation and Verification Services to UT Austin ASMP Program
At the request of President Greg Fenves, the University has contracted with KPMG to perform an Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) assessment of the Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP) work including Workday.

IV&V is a common practice among large programs and projects, particularly in government. The KPMG IV&V assessment will check and validate Workday and ASMP program components including: Program Management, Workday HCM/Payroll and Financials implementation, Data Management, Technology Architecture, Application Modernization, Enterprise Readiness, and Sustainment. Their work specific to Workday will verify and validate assumptions, review go-live criteria and metrics, and assess the impacts of product and campus readiness as well as pending financials decisions. The IV&V assessment will be integral in determining our best path toward bringing greater efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence to University business operations.

The contract with KPMG was finalized on November 2. The firm will develop and deliver periodic reports, beginning with its first preliminary report on November 21. In January, KPMG will provide a final comprehensive assessment and plan for continued monitoring through Workday go-live. They are on site and will be engaging with ASMP team members regularly and reaching out to stakeholder groups to engage them in this process.

KPMG has been providing IV&V services to government and higher education clients for more than 20 years.  The firm has implemented, or has provided a key implementation role, on more than 100 Workday implementations and can call upon over 3,100 resources in Texas alone.

Updated Consolidated Integrations and Data Sources List Published
An updated version of the Consolidated Integrations and Data Sources List is now posted on the Consolidated Integrations and Data Sources wiki page (requires UT EID login). The updated list includes information about HCM/Payroll integrations, custom solutions, and crosswalks. Financial updates will be shared as business process and configuration decisions are made. Everything related to IQ/IDS and reporting, including IDS REST services, can now be found on the Reporting Activities and Updates (requires UT EID login).

Reporting Activities and Updates Web Page
The Reporting Activities and Updates web page (requires UT EID login) provides known legacy-to-Workday data mappings, IDS deliverables, and statuses of Workday report development. With input from TXAdmin, subject matter experts (SMEs), and playback review sessions, ASMP has already developed a number of data and reporting solutions for HCM and Payroll that will be released at Workday Go Live to meet campus needs, and more reports are being developed. Gap analysis and data mapping for financial reports is also ongoing as ASMP works to identify gaps and solutions to help you prepare for go live. You can check the Reporting Activities web page frequently to review current plans (updated approximately every two weeks) for IDS deliverables and Workday reports under development.  You can also compare these deliverables with the source of your current report data to help prepare for changes that you may need to make in your CSU. For more information, send an email to

IT Readiness Coordinator Meeting December 8
The last 2016 ITRC meeting will be December 8, from 9:30-11 a.m. in the Avaya Auditorium (POB 2.302). Please join us for the final 2016 meeting. Send additional topic ideas to the App Mod team at The tentative agenda includes:

  • KPMG Update: An update on the Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) approach.
  • TED Update Provisioning/Deprovisioning: Plans for the current environment and beyond, to Workday go live.
  • Open Forum Discussion

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