Update on the Administrative Systems Modernization Program and the Workday Reset

On Jan. 19, Senior Vice President and CFO Darrell Bazzell announced a delay in the implementation of Workday, a cloud-based system to replace our current human resources, payroll, and financial systems. This decision to delay fell in line with recommendations made by consultant KMPG as part of their Independent Verification and Validation(IV&V) assessment of the program.

Since that time, the Workday project, under the Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP), has been working to revise project plans and develop new timelines for both the Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll implementation and the Financial implementation. The program has launched a Steering Committee to be the primary decision-making group for Workday moving forward and any timelines will be thoroughly reviewed with stakeholders before final decisions are made.

This review process, coupled with issues and risks elevated by the IV&V assessment, it was determined that ASMP will transition to the Workday Implementation Program. A reset of the Workday implementations and a reorganization of the teams devoted to making these implementations a success will allow the program to directly address some of the outstanding issues, risks, and concerns outlined in the IV&V assessment.

Currently, discussions are underway to transition services already in production to their owning units such as the UTLearn employee training management system and the MyUT online student portal. Other services not related to the implementation of Workday are currently being reviewed by the ASMP-Workday Steering Committee for their endorsement before being reviewed by the Central IT Executive Commission (CITEC).

Transition activities are expected to be completed by end of August 2017. The Workday Implementation Program will begin engaging in activities with campus stakeholders during the summer months with activities like Design Confirmations, sessions with key stakeholders to review and confirm the HCM/Payroll configurations, business analysis of current business processes relating to Workday, and a review of the Workday Financial Data Model (FDM).

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