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8 Essential Takeaways from Workday’s HCM General Change Overview Session

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6 Ways Workday can Simplify your Work day!

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Get a Glimpse of Workday in this Workday Basic Navigation Video

Workday Basic Navigation video screen cap

In this Workday Basic Navigation video, get a glimpse of the new Workday system and an overview of all of the ways to navigate Workday. A University of Texas at Austin EID is required to view this video.

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New Workday References, Videos, and Quick Reference Guides Now Available

Workday@UT banner

ASMP recognizes that University employees will require training and support in order to transition to Workday successfully and with as little disruption as possible. While training will take place approximately 8 weeks before Workday Go Live, ASMP is providing reference materials

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MyUT Launches University Portal with Incoming Students

The MyUT team had their first successful launch of an iteration of the new University portal during summer orientation for incoming students. In the first two weeks of its launch, the portal was used by more than 5,000 students and

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Admin IT Newsletter – ASMP 2.0 Town Hall, HCM/Payroll End-to-End Testing, and More

In this edition of the ASMP 2.0 Admin IT Newsletter, we offer information specific to Workday Go Live. Please access previous archived newsletters available on the Admin IT Wiki. In this issue: ASMP 2.0 Town Hall HCM/Payroll End-to-End Testing Strategy

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10 Reasons to be Excited About Workday

10 reasons to be excited about Workday

Workday is among a new generation of cloud-based systems from which the University has chosen to serve its human resources, payroll, and financial needs. Workday will replace DEFINE, HRMS, and FRMS, among other systems, and is one of the more

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What Workday Means for You: 5 Things Everyone Needs to Know

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Workday

Workday is among a new generation of cloud-based systems from which the University has chosen to replace its legacy HR, payroll, and financial systems. This represents a major shift in how the University intends to manage its operations and will

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UTLearn Info Session – Mar 3, 2016

UTLearn, the first University-wide employee training management system, is launching this spring. As one of the first enhancements coming from the ASMP 2.0 program, UTLearn is an example of how modernization efforts is will bring greater efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence to

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Workday@UT: New ASMP 2.0 Web Page to Highlight Workday Resources

Workday@UT: A new Workday is Dawning at UT Austin

The University of Texas at Austin has selected Workday, a new generation of cloud-based applications,  to service our  human resources, payroll, and financial needs. While it will be some time before UT is ready to unveil Workday, we want to make

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