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Admin IT Newsletter – MyUT, Message Broker, ESB, and MySQL & MSSQL

Hello Admin IT Newsletter subscribers! We hope that the month of May has been going well for you. If there are topics you wish to see that have yet to be covered in the Admin IT Newsletter, please feel free

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Updates on Student Information System, Mainframe Application Retirement; Technical Architecture Procurements

Since our last email update, ASMP 2.0 has posted several new stories on our ASMP 2.0 blog focusing on the selection of a new student information system, how our teams are helping units retire their mainframe applications, and the first

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SIS Team Concludes Vendor Demos; Plans Focus Groups to Gather Requirements for New Student Information System

students sitting on the main mall in front of the UT Tower

The Student Administration team has been making great progress in their project to select a new student information system (SIS) for the University. Since their kick-off in January, the SIS team has been working on gathering the University’s requirements for

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Program Updates: Newsletter and Blog Launch; Workday@UT Web Resource: New Meeting Opportunities

UT Tower, Photo Courtesy: Kerri Battles

From launching new communication channels to an increase in face-to-face interactions across campus, April is shaping up to be a very busy month for ASMP 2.0. Below is a synopsis of the latest ASMP 2.0 activities. To receive email updates

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New Student Portal and Student Information System to Improve Student and Staff Experience

students in a college lecture

The Student Administration team, supported by ASMP 2.0, is overseeing two interlaced projects of selecting and implementing a new student portal for the University website and a new student information system (SIS), a set of software packages that manage student-related

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Spring 2015 Newsletter

This is the first edition of the Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0) newsletter which will provide articles and updates on a quarterly basis from the various administrative, business, and information technology-focused ASMP 2.0 projects affecting all University employees. View this

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