February 2023 – Our joint paper with the Broadbelt group @Northwestern on discovery of reaction mechanisms was published in Chemical Engineering Journal.

July 2022 – Check out our new Scientific Reports paper on data driven discovery of governing equations.

June 2022 – I’m presenting Giannis and Alkis’s exploratory paper on process electrification at ESCAPE 32 in Toulouse, France. This is joint work with the Allen and Stadtherr groups at UT.

June 2022 – Time to celebrate Dr. Omar Santander! Omar successfully defended his thesis “Integrated Machine Learning, Production Planning, Short-Term Production Scheduling and Advanced Process Control Frameworks for Chemical Process Operations.” Omar will be joining Honeywell UOP in the Fall.

June 2022 – Calvin Tsay receives the W. David Smith Graduate Publication Award from the Computing and Systems Technology Division of the AIChE. Congratulations!

May 2022 – Morgan receives the 2022 Frederick A. Howes Award from the US Department of Energy. Congratulations!

May 2022 – CPC/FOCAPO 2023 call for papers is open! Great working with co-chairs Rahul Bindlish, Iiro Harjunkoski and Victor Zavala!

April 2022 – Nha Tran joins the group as post-doctoral associate, working jointly with the Korgel group @UT. Nha’s expertise in scientific computing will be a tremendous asset. Welcome!

February 2022 – Happy to become part of the NREL BID-DS team, creating the next generation grid simulators! We’re working with NREL on new models involving electricity intensive chemical plants as virtual generators in the operation of the grid. Thank you ARPA-E for funding this initiative!

September 2021 –  Carbon Capture and Sequestration is a thing of the past. Together with the Brennecke, Stadherr and Allen labs at UT, and teams from Washington State University and BASF, we are exploring Carbon Capture and Conversion to Methanol. Grateful for the NSF support through a $1.6 Million grant from the ECO-CBET program!

August 2021 –  DySMHO is out! Check out our latest developments in moving horizon sparse system identification here:

July 2021 –  Congratulations Dr. Costandy! Joe just defended his thesis and currently pursuing an co-op with a major pharma company.

July 2021 –  Congratulations Dr. Morgan Kelley! Morgan just defended her thesis and will be joining Dell here in Austin.

March 2021 –  Congratulations Dr. Lingqing Yan! Lingqing defended her thesis and will be joining Alibaba Cloud in August.

August 2020 –  We are excited to announce the publication of our two books: Smart Manufacturing: Concepts and Methods and Smart Manufacturing: Applications and Case Studies. These books comprehensively cover research advances and key applications of smart manufacturing to date.


June 2020 – Ionic liquids show great promise as potential absorbers for next-generation carbon capture processes. Their advantages relative to widely used amine-based absorbents include: lower heat of carbon dioxide absorption, better thermal stability, and lower volatility.

Want to learn more? Check out Jun’s paper published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.

Seo, K., Tsay, C., Hong, B., Edgar, T. F., Stadtherr, M. A., & Baldea, M. (2020). Rate-Based Process Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis for Ionic-Liquid-Based Post-Combustion Carbon Capture. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.


April 2020 – Ever wondered how the evolution of COVID-19 pandemic can be predicted? Or if the outbreak can be controlled? Check out our latest findings in Calvin and Fernando’s paper published in Nature Scientific Reports.

Tsay, C., Lejarza, F., Stadtherr, M. A., & Baldea, M. (2020). Modeling, state estimation, and optimal control for the US COVID-19 outbreak. Scientific Reports, 10(1).


March 2020 – Wonderful work by Jodie, Fernando, Morgan and Calvin:

  • 1973: First major oil crisis drives energy efficiency to the forefront of process industry concerns
  • 1978: First model predictive control application reported

Curious about what happened next? Read on in our “Process Control and Energy Efficiency” paper published in Annual Reviews.

Simkoff, J. M., Lejarza, F., Kelley, M. T., Tsay, C., & Baldea, M. (2020). Process Control and Energy Efficiency. Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 11(1).

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