Introducing Your!

Hello University Blog Service customers!

The University Blog Service (UBS) has completed its transition to its new domain name! This change highlights the service’s content management and general Web publishing functions; the new name was approved by the Web Technologies and Infrastructure governance committee.

Blogs is now Sites!

Are you a current customers of UBS? You can rest assure that you blogs will work as they did before and will continue to be powered by WordPress. Plugins and themes will work as they always had. The domain change only affects websites with the URL[websitename]; these can now be accessed at[websitename].  UBS websites with a custom URL have not been affected. 

Worried about published links with Don’t be! All traffic to will be automatically redirected to its new location on until August 2016.

Are you new to campus or only becoming aware of UBS? Sign up here for your own WordPress website!

Be sure to send your blogs related questions to and stay tuned for updates!

Humbly yours,

The University Blogs Team

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