Research Dedications

Lab Bench. Credit: Guillermo Beckmann.

Through our stay here at UT Austin, each Friday before going to work on our individual Labs, we dedicate the week to something. This in order to motivate us to continue working to a cure and better understanding of cancer. The idea was borrowed from the Texas 4000, that is an organization that rides 4000 miles to raise funds for cancer research. Cancer has impacted many lives, and everyone has their own individual story and their own reason to want to beat cancer. Everyone, no matter what their dedications and intentions, is invested in trying to defeat this serious threat that kills millions of people everyday world-wide.

Sometimes the dedications don’t have to be in a personal way but it is always something to keep the importance of our research in mind. Sometimes we dedicate to the people that are affected by cancer, and sometimes to the adventures and new thing we will learn that week in our labs and our life. Overall, we have to keep reminding ourselves and everyone that research and fighting against cancer will benefit everyone. As well as it will make us, the researchers, grow personally as a person and build on our skills to become better in our research.

Guillermo Beckmann, University of Texas at El Paso

Yahir, Andrew, Gabriel, Bianca, Guillermo, and Octavio.

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