Letter to 2017 Texas 4000 Riders

Gabby at her research poster on August 3, 2017. Photo by Jill Ortner.


My name is Gabby. I wanted to start off this letter first by saying thank you for your support and your dedication toward fighting cancer. The Texas 4000 program is a big part of what makes research experiences like mine and my coworkers’ possible, and the number of lives you touch through your efforts is incredible. So, for that I’d like to say thank you.

Secondly, I wanted to say congratulations on making it this far. You’re almost there! Even though I’ve never been on a biking expedition like yours, I know that it’s easy to fall into the routine of things and not realize how much you’ve accomplished. So, I invite you to take a moment to look back on this summer’s experiences and reflect on what you’ve learned and achieved. (I learned how to culture macrophages in gels for experiments.)

I hope you are all doing well, and I wish you luck during these last few days to Anchorage. Thank you for all you do!


Gabby Pérez-Lozano, Carnegie Mellon University

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