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Wrapping Up Summer 2017

When I first arrived at UT Austin, I was overwhelmed. The university was so big. There were so many new techniques to learn. I had to integrate myself into a new group of people I had never known. I had

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Letter to 2017 Texas 4000 Riders

Hello, My name is Gabby. I wanted to start off this letter first by saying thank you for your support and your dedication toward fighting cancer. The Texas 4000 program is a big part of what makes research experiences like

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Cancer Research Update

As the summer dwindles down, we can reflect on the progress that has been made throughout the summer. Not only have we developed lasting friendships, improved our scientific communication skills, and explored Austin, but we have conducted seven weeks of

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Importance of a Cancer Community

Undoubtedly, the most important part of any community is a sense of togetherness. In the case of a cancer research community, the thing that binds us all together is that we have the same goal: to help people affected by

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Letter to Texas 4000 Rider: Basil Hariri

Dear Basil, My name is Elana, and I am also the child of Lebanese immigrants, so I truly relate to the feeling that all my accomplishments are only made possible by my parents’ sacrifices. Growing up, I always felt that

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Deliberate Practice: Becoming an Expert

“Practice makes perfect,” just one of many clichéd inspirational sayings anyone can find passing a Hallmark store. One of many iterations our parents continuously drill into our minds as we make our way through life.  Even though the phrase may

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Bowling in the Union Underground

In a scene reminiscent of The Big Lebowski, a handful of us summer research scholars congregated in the depths of the Union Underground bowling alley for the ultimate showdown of dexterity (and free pizza). After strapping on our fluorescent bowling

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Letter to Texas 4000 Rider Thomas Chavez

Dear Thomas, I found you relatable as we both came out of El Paso, Texas. As I kept reading your profile I enjoyed your type of personality. The way you are up and about with all the things around is

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The Emperor of All Maladies

I will be the first to admit that when Dr. Suggs told us we had to read a 472-page book, I was not exactly excited. Honestly, I was dreading it.  It was another task on top of all the research

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Research Dedications

Through our stay here at UT Austin, each Friday before going to work on our individual Labs, we dedicate the week to something. This in order to motivate us to continue working to a cure and better understanding of cancer.

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