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Wrapping Up Summer 2017

When I first arrived at UT Austin, I was overwhelmed. The university was so big. There were so many new techniques to learn. I had to integrate myself into a new group of people I had never known. I had

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Bowling in the Union Underground

In a scene reminiscent of The Big Lebowski, a handful of us summer research scholars congregated in the depths of the Union Underground bowling alley for the ultimate showdown of dexterity (and free pizza). After strapping on our fluorescent bowling

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Phase 10

  I have never seen, heard, or played this amazing game called Phase 10. It is a card game that you play to achieve ten phases first before anyone else in the game. The most stressful rule in this game

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Fun Times in Austin

  -Rachel Hegab, Louisiana Tech Univ.

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Our Journey Thus Far

During the past month we have created many memories here in Austin both inside and outside our research labs. We have been able to spend time together to enjoy what Austin has to offer, work hard and diligently in order

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Welcome 2016 Summer Scholars!

  Today we welcome the arrival of the 2016 BME CUReS Cancer summer scholars! From left to right: Grant Ashby, Georgia Tech; Adiel Hernandez, U of Miami; Jose Perez, UTEP, Emilio Loera, UTEP; Daniel Chavarria, UTEP; Rachel Hegab, Louisiana Tech;

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Austin Sites

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Letter to Texas 4000 Rider: Alexander Zwaan

Dear Alexander, Hello. My name is Sean Thomas, and I am part of the BME CUReS Cancer REU at UT this summer. My research is on lipid membranes, which are similar to cells, except that they don’t have organelles or

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Day 45 for Texas 4000

The summer scholars and four Texas 4000 2016 riders–Jen, Aatiq, Annie, and Laura–made cards of encouragement for each of the 2015 Sierra team riders and sent it to their Day 45 mail drop in Portland!  

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Bowling Party!

Last week, the scholars from all the UT summer research programs had a bowling and pizza party in the Union Underground! -created by Sarah Libring, Rutgers

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